Hey guys! I have an oral interview with the Prince William County Fire and Rescue Department on Friday, but I am nervous for two reasons. First off, I am nervous because this is my first interview ever for a firefighter position. And secondly, according to PWC, this is not a "normal" firefighter interview. The people I talked to in the recruitment section were mum about what exactly they mean by it not being "normal." All I've been able to get out of them is that there will be some sort of scenario work and also some memorization work among other "things." I have read the interview stuff on this site and have found it very helpfull (Thank you to all those who have put in the time to write all the articles). But I wonder if anyone can help me to understand what they mean by not "normal." I don't want you to tell me anything PWC would deem as me cheating by knowing, but anything else would help greatly if it is at all possible. Thanks in advance!