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Thread: Safe Kids

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    Default Safe Kids

    Anyone here have any experience w/ it? I'm from the private sector, and just got hired to a public department. Lots of time teaching Red Cross and OSHA... but I'm new to the kids.

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    Default Safe Kids

    National Safe Kids is a good resource. They are the agency that certifies child safety seat technicians. They are a good resource for all child related hazards.

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    As does NFPA and the Smokey the Bear website (think it's www.smokeybear.com). Just remember, kids in different stages of development have short attention spans, you should only really teach them 1 or 2 key things at a session -- stop, drop, and roll if your clothes catch on fire and EDITH (Exit Drills in the Home, once out stay out) or what a smoke detector sounds like....If you have a 911 system, that would be the next level.
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    I can not say enough good things about our partnership with Safe Kids. Safe Kids not only trains our staff in child safety seat installation but gives us many opportunities to reach kids with fire safety messages. We always tag along when our Safe Kids team goes into the schools, daycares, churches and etc. and we deliver the fire safety parts of their program. They also have some great resources -pamphlets and "GrandMas House" (great interactive tool)to name a few. Our department also sits on our Safe Kids Board of Directors so we are involved in the planning of events. Our partnership also helps out during times of staff shortages such as when our department is tied up giving a presentation somewhere else or handling an assignment somewhere else, Safe Kids volunteers fill our spots at other events - educating others about fire safety. And we exchange the favor when Safe Kids can't be represented at an event our department handles the Safe Kids info. Good resoures for info, flyers, manpower and support.

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