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    Exclamation Richard Arwood

    Richard Arwood has been named as the Director of Fire Services for the Fire Department of Memphis.

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    From the Commerical Appeal, memphis, TN.

    April 14, 2004

    Arwood confirmed as new fire director

    After bestowing praise and accolades on Richard B. Arwood, the Memphis City Council on Tuesday confirmed him as the city's new fire director.

    The confirmation was a reversal from three months ago, when council members rejected Mayor Willie Herenton's previous pick, Jerry Crawford, because he lives in Fayette County. Arwood was confirmed on a 9-0 vote, with four council members not voting.

    Arwood, 54, lives in Collierville where he is the assistant fire chief. He says he will move back to Memphis now that he has been tapped for the top job, which pays $110,257.

    Crawford had made a similar offer to move to Memphis if confirmed as director, but council members balked at the fact that he had lived outside city limits during his career at the Memphis Fire Department. Arwood, on the other hand, lived in Memphis the 25 years he worked for the department before retiring in 1997. He moved to Collierville when he took the job in that town.

    "I'm so elated," Arwood said after council members gave him their support and praise at a council committee meeting before the full council's confirmation vote.

    Arwood said he had been happy being in the No. 2 spot in Collierville, but had been recruited for this position. He said leading the Memphis department had been a dream of his, but didn't happen, so he had moved on to other things. "Now here I am. Everything has happened so quickly."

    Arwood had been drawing a pension from his years with the city, but said Tuesday he knew by accepting this job that that check would stop. He said he expects to take over the reins in about two weeks.

    Herenton praised Arwood for his professionalism and added that the rank and file respect him. "Even the union likes him."

    Council member TaJuan Stout Mitchell did not vote because she said she had been criticized for voting in the past because her husband is a city firefighter. Council attorney Allan Wade, however, said she could vote on the issue because there is no direct relationship involved.


    Dick was the Training Chief before he retired several years ago.

    He will lead this department down the right road.

    Good Luck!
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    Default I remember many years ago.....

    ......brothers at 11C talking about Arwood and how bookish he was...."you can throw as many books on a fire as you want but it won't go out till you send a a fireman in to put water on it. Don't get me wrong...Go Director Arwood.

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