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    Speaking skills should be the cornerstone of every firefighter candidate who is pursuing a badge. Getting a firefighter job is all presentation skills, because 100% of your score to get hired for almost all departments is in the oral board!

    Those who have been panel members on oral boards have first hand knowledge. We see candidates with great credentials but donít have the speaking skills to present them.

    Interesting enough speaking in front of a group is the top rated fear. The second greatest fear is dying. A guy was speaking at the funeral of his friend. He said, ďMy friend laying in the casket is better off than I am up here speaking.Ē

    Toastmasters gives you opportunity to be in front of groups to refine your presentation skills and be evaluated by your peers. Toastmasters meets at all times and days around the world, somewhere near you.

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    College programs are increasingly requiring public speaking/oral communications classes as a good first step toward this. Not everyone is getting the college degree. Hmmm.... what about pushing the speaking thing into career academies and FF1/FF2 classes? I know the big thing these days is to cram 30 years of career preparedness into as short of a time possible to put new folks on the line (a "survey" of many great aspects of the fire service that should entice us all to pursue dedicated modules such as RIT, confined space rescue, etc.). I can see the value in having each student assigned topics to research & present as part of the program. Even during my medic ridealong time, I was asked to actually do some of the in-service trainings as a means of (1) mastering the new material and (2) honing some of the speaking/instructional skills. The average person comprehends spoken words at a rate of 500 words per minute, but we generally speak at a rate of 100 words per minute. We need to focus MORE on those words we do use. Food for thought
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