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    We have a 12 min response time for our local FD. As far as our brigade goes we are all pvt Security that are trained to FF/EMT level and we also reach out to the people with other jobs to support us. some are FF/EMT some just have Fire Brigade training. Most of them are great help whether it be for a hydrant man, or for traffic control or we have a local batallion chief for one of our surrounding FD's, and several other oficers for surrounding departments that we respect their advice greatly.

    Our fire brigade

    57 Security Officers (50 trained to FF/EMT or higher)
    18 "other" people (around 5 trained to FF/EMT or higher)
    3 million sq feet of buildings (approximately 120)
    125 miles of Road
    1 engine, 2 fixed diesel pumps and a minipumper just for fun. and thats just fire supression. we also have a BLS ambulance, a hazmat/ command truck and a confined space rescue truck.

    It's just a whole lotta fun
    Never Forget 9-11-01!!!!!!
    There wasn't just 343, the other 73 rescue workers deserve to be remembered too!!!!

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    When you use security officers as "Fire Brigade" members if you need outside resources doesn't this cut into the security officer primary job function as a security officer? Another words they would have to revert back to security instead of fire brigade. just curious.

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    Which Dept went to 6" up north? When I was up there (5 yrs ago) everyone had 5" in the area. Just wondering.
    Spring VFD. They run 6" on their heavy rescues and 5" on their quints.

    There are a number of municipal departments running with 6" for the 'big ones'. Industrial departments commonly run every size up through 12"

    6" LDH isn't that bad if you need the flow - ask the boys from RTFC out of Corpus Christi - they called it "user friendly" the last time I talked to them. That was shortly after they made the switch from 5" and 6" to 7 1/4".

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