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    Default How do you discipline your members

    On my department suspensions are not really an option due to manpower shortages I dont really want to suspend a member.
    What are some other options any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks John

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    Question not enough info...........

    well there is certainly not enough info in this orignal post to even wager an opinion, as I have no idea what the infraction is. Sounds like it could be serious as there is talk of suspension, is that what the discipline policy says should happen for the infraction ? and if it does and you dont suspend the person what kind of precedence is that sending in case the same thing happens next week, month, year ?
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    In addition to suspensions, our department can issue work details. These usually consist of washing apparatus or cleaning the station. Suspensions can vary depending on the offense, but the maximum without a special hearing is 30 days.

    I would be careful about starting the precedent of not suspending someone because of a manpower shortage. We have had to suspend people that were our top runners, and the only ones getting the ambulance out during the day. It's hard on the rest of the department, but everyone needs to know that the rules will be enforced uniformly. If not, you will lose authority, and morale will decline in the long term.

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    Default Liability

    Something else you need to look out for is liability. As stated earlier with out more knowlwedge it is hard to say but if you do not discipline according to your SOG's or SOP's and this person does it again and it damages or hurts someone are you going to be liable for not following your SOG's or SOP's the first time he did it. I would have to say if your SOG's or SOP's say to suspend him then that is the course of action you must take regardless of your manpower issues.

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