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    Angry U.S. Forest Service Puts All Hiring On Hold!!!

    I found out from one of my close friends in California that the U.S. Forest Service has put a freeze on all full-time and part-time hiring for wildland crews because, according to the ACLU and the NAACP, they are not hiring enough minorities. Many people in California are extremely worried about this because it could put much of the West at risk for large wildfires without the help of California Strike Teams. It is also putting several of my friends out of a job which they depend on for their income. They have fought forest fires for a number of years, yet they can't get hired to the very strike teams they have been on all of that time!

    According to my friend, atleast 1 out of every 4 crew members on a strike team must now be black, hispanic, or female. I was also told that most of the minorities they hire take the job, and either decide they don't want it or just flake out all together. Now please understand, I am NOT a racist by any means...but this is going too far! If the minorities cannot do the job or aren't willing to do the job, the USFS CANNOT FIRE THEM! Instead, the USFS must transfer them to a cushy desk job and pay them to sit around and do nothing! THIS IS OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK! If a white firefighter in the same position pulled the same crap he would be fired in a New York minute and blacklisted from any forest service position! I feel like this is a load of crap! How come the ACLU won't stick up for me?!?! Whites are just as much a minority in this country as any other race any more, the census bureau will tell you that! I don't mind giving the job to someone who wants it, regarless of their skin color or physical make up...I DO HOWEVER MIND GIVING THE JOB TO SOMEONE WHO IS NOT WILLING TO DO THE WORK AND WHO I AM NOT ABLE TO FIRE BECAUSE I WILL BE SUED BY A LIBERAL ORGANIZATION MADE UP OF GROWN UPS ACTING 7!!!!

    Why can't we just test everyone for the job equally and take the top 20 candidates for each strike team? Doesn't that seem like a fair way to deal with it? We are putting people's lives and property at risk here...not to mention the fact that it is going to take so much more of our TAX DOLLARS to bring these fires under control once the ACLU finally pulls their heads out of their asses and backs off! From what I understand right now, the only people who can work are the private contractors that absolutely rip our government off to fight these fires! Why isn't the ACLU going after the SCABS?!?!

    May I suggest a we sign a petition to sue the ACLU for racism!!!

    I just wanted to know what you all thought about this and would appreciate any further input you can give me to explain the situation further or give me more information. Thanks for letting me vent...I feel better!

    All things I say...while not always making sense are ALWAYS my opinion and only mine. They do not reflect the opinions of any department of which I am a member.

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    well i am indian, do i count as minorities,, cause in the Atlantic City, i am not..

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    Well, first I am a federal firefighter but not for the U.S. Forest Service.

    Your "friend" is either misinformed or pulling your leg. I just checked the USA Jobs website and there are lots of firefighter jobs available with the Forest Service, BLM and other agencies nationwide including California.

    The "you can't fire them for not being able to do the job" is totally false. All agencies must comply with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) directives. The agency may elect to transfer to a job they are qualified for but they are not forced to "give them a job." In addition seasonal (temps) can be layed off at any time for any reason.

    I suggest that you do some checking and find out what the real situation is.

    Stay Safe

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    I am also starting my second season as a federal firefighter, but not with the FS. With in the last week and a half I have received several calls from forest service reps wanting to know if I still wanted to work for them and offering me a job. I already have a position, but I do know the USFS is still hiring.
    They did get a late start this season due to budget issues, but they are hiring the same numbers and using the same practices as always.
    Like Rayr49 said seasonal workers can be layed off anytime there is not a need for them.

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    Default Same old song

    Your story sounds like it has merit, I was with the Forest service from 1985-1989. I was told the same thing and saw the writing on the wall. This is why though it was a hard choice , I made it and transfered over to a DOD Fire Department which let to my now city job.

    Those people have choices and they need to make then soon or theryll be out of a full time job or get passed over once again, like ive seen time and time again there. Ive got friends that still work in Region 5 which is California and are still just ground pounders and keep getting passed over for less qualified but more diversified personel.

    Its a bummer cause the USFS in Angeles holds some great memories and has such great potencial but teh politics keep them from letting it happen.

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    Front line since 1983 and still going strong

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