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    Default are "eastern" training materials available

    Are there training resources available specific to eastern areas, ie ohio foir wildland firefighting? Many of the ideas are of course universal, but most of the wildland books/videos seem geared to the western states.

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    Check with the Eastern Area Coordination Center (EACC)

    Phone (612) 713-7300
    or E-mail them at mneac@dms.nwcg.gov

    They may have info on training material geared to the East. I know there are some training films/videos, based on NJ wildland firefighting...but I have no info on Ohio material.
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    Well, I'm in Michigan and working on my red card. The class ends Friday and so far everything has been focused of the western states. I thought the class would have been focused more on the local types of wild land fire control. I was wrong. I guess the only material around is for the west.

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    Try checking with your local DEP, or State Division of Forestry, for local information.In CT. our DEP was a valuable resource for trainning and information. The S-130 , S-190 are geared more for western states.

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    Here in Kentucky we have develope a wildland firefighting awareness program for our structural firefighters.The program is Kentucky based with kentucky case studies for review in the program.No western pics here.

    The course has been adopted by the Kentucky Fire Commission for basic firefighter knownledge and was developed by KCTCS-State Fire Rescue Training,with assistance from the Kentucky Division of Forestry.The program is designed to look at Kentucky uniqueness ,such as terrain,weather,fuels,tactis and suppression as well as wildfire tragedies that have occurred in Kentucky and other areas similar to Kentucky.

    Acknowledgement and thanks are given to Danny Blevins,Chuck Bonta,Gary Clark and Duane Suttles for their efforts in creation of this program.

    The Program is Dedicated to those Kentucky Fire Fighters that have given their lives unselfishly to suppression of Wildfires for the citizens of our commonweath.

    Burnover Wildfire Entrappments

    March 16,1965
    Kentucky Division Forestry
    William Brock
    James Shepard
    Kenneth McKnight

    October 30,1991
    Fleming Neon VFD
    John R Adams
    John E Spangler

    April 6 1999
    Route 377 VFD
    Kevin R Smith
    Kenneth A Nickell

    Other Kentucky Wildland Fire Tragedies

    Tanker Aircraft Crash
    March 5 1983
    USDA Forest Service
    Daniel Boone National Forest
    Pilot William L Smothers

    Engine /Tender Accidents on or responding too wildland Fires.
    Russellville Fire Department
    Edgar O.Hardin 1984
    Munfordville Fire Department
    William F.Cox 1988
    Hillsboro VFD
    William L Thompson 2001

    Smoke Inhaltion /Heart Attack
    Crossroads VFD
    Basil Vaughn 1987

    For infomation about this program call State Fire Rescue Training,Area 9 at 606-784-1393.
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