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    Default Seagrave Meanstick Problem

    Has any departments experienced any problems or know of any problems with the aerial ladder turntable swivel assembly, this is the device that the waterway, hydraulic and electric pass thru to the turntable. We are experiencing a problem with our Seagrave Meanstick apparatus and want to know if there are similar problems occuring.

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    I just changed the swivel in our '92 E-one last month.It was leaking water when you supplied the tower.No other problems,just an external leak.It was made by Hydromotion.I know they supply many of the aerial manufacturers.It was $5500 cdn for the exchange swivel and took us a day to change it.What's yours doing?

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    Had a problem last year with the swivel on our 95' Seagrave LP-100 one of the rings grounded out and the engine wouldn't shut-down (back fed the circut) luckly there was a spare ring not being used so that circut was switched over with no problem.
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