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    Question GS Pay??

    Anyone know how the pay scale for the federal firefighters works? If a position is a GS-4 @ 24666, What is your final pay for the year. I know there is a 72 hour work schedule. Is additional OT added in to pad the amount? Anyone out there who can help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default GS Pay

    The easiest way to figure out your firefighter pay is to divide what your GS level and step is with the locality included (what is on your LES) by 2756. The 2756 is the regular amount of hours you work in a a year at 53 hours per week. This will give you your regular hourly rate. Then multiply that figure by 1.5. This is your overtime rate. Multiply your regular rate by 106 for your regular hours then multiply your overtime rate by 38 for your overtime hours. Take both figures and add them together for your bi-weekly salary. To find out your yearly salary simply multiply this figure by 26 for your 26 pay periods per year.

    Base Pay: $30,000 divided by 2756 = $10.89 regular
    Overtime: $10.89 x 1.5 = $16.35
    Bi-Weekly: 106 x $10.89 = $1,154.34
    38 x $16.35 = $621.30
    $1,154.34 + $621.30 = $1775.64 (bi-weekly)
    Yearly: $1775.64 x 26 = $46166.64

    Hope this helps.

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