We just recently did a drill on hand tools went well figured I would share. We had two vehicles, crushed a dummy inside each one. The crews had no idea what they had, we made one team stage in another area so they didnt know what was going on. First team rolled in, they got a size up on the way. When they got to scene they were advised that the hydraulics were out of service and air bags. And pointed to a specific car, so the IC new the tools he had to work with for the extrication. We had one safety officer watching the scene and two officers watching the operation and a cameraman video the whole thing including the radio traffic. After the first group finished, they had a total of 30 minutes limt to get it done before getting stopped. Then they cleared out and the next group came in with the same scenario only there car was on the roof. When finished we took everyone in the class and critiqued the video, giving praise and identifying our weaknesses. Everyone likes to be on TV so it seemed to go well, and everyone enjoyed it. It took about 3 hours for the drill, not including prep time of crushing cars and getting material together. Any questions feel free!
If anyone has any air bag drill that is out of the ordinary let us all know so we can put it to the test.
Jon Burns
Rescue Trainer
Central Mat-Su FD
Wasilla Alaska