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    Hey, My name is Paul. I'm new to the boards as you can see. Didn't realize by going to these forums on this site would give such good information about the up coming test. I thought this was great, I got some awesome advice from you guys, Thanks!

    Well this is my story... I live on Long Island where I have been a volunteer for over 3 years now. The past year I moved to Ozone Park with my aunt so I could get the 5 extra points. It kind of work out well because I work in Central Jersey, so it cut down my commute a little. I took the tests for the city: 97.6/100/+5
    I had my interview on April 2nd. I was in the 600 to 660 range. I just got my letter yesterday for my psychological test, which is May 19th. Moving along faster then I thought. The paper says that it's a 6 hour written test (thats long). My question is, is it just a written test? I thought that there was a psychological interview too, but I also heard from others that they did away with that for this list. Anybody know? So I'm hoping for the September class, but it will probably be the December or April class.

    For those who have there interview next week make sure you bring in everything and copies. Don't forget to get a notarized letter saying you live with your parents or whoever if you're claiming city residence. Also don't forget your selective service card which you can get from or just call them up and have them fax you a copy. I didn't have both of these things. If you forget anything, don't worry you can get it together after the interview and mail it in.

    Good Luck To All!

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    The psychological test is ALL written, its not as bad as it sounds, you have 6 hours to complete it, when I took mine guys were done in about 2 - 3 hours. There is NO oral exam for the candidates @ the top of the list as far as I know. Good luck, bring ALOT of pencils....

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