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    Default Electrically controlled valves

    I'm curious what peoples experience is with electrically controlled valves,from an operators point of view and maintenance as well.Are they reliable enough?Do they require any special preventative maintenance?Do you prefer any particular brand?How are they for choking down hand lines etc.?

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    We're constantly replacing fuses on our one LDH discharge with the electronic valve control. People forget to work it every now and again, so the valve sticks from the hard water deposits and the fuses pops under the load. Maybe the genius mechanics we have are using the wrong size fuse, but it's not really their fault that the drivers forget to work that valve along with all of the other valves to make sure they don't stick. If proper maintenance is followed, they work really nicely, especially on high flow discharges. No chance of water hammer either.

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    We had problems with the limit switch going out , and the guys staying on the switch so long that the actually bent the stops and eventally weakened the activator. Most have a manual way of opening them , but it usually takes a wrench. Ours takes a 3/8" wrench and we keep an old rachet and deep well socket stored inside the pump panel. When your LDH intake goes South you usually dont have time to hunt a wrench.

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