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    Default Ill. Firefighter moving, has questions

    I am currently a FF in Ill. I have a FFII, Hazmat Tech, and Paramedic. I am looking to move to New York State in about 2 years. I am wondering what, if anything, will transfer? I also was wondering what are the job requirements for FDNY? Is FDNY like chicago with seperate EMS and Fire? Is it better to get on EMS and switch over to fire? Just wondering. Also, if anyone know ANY states that switch over Ill. Fire/EMS easily, please let me know, because the wife isn't sure New York is where shes getting transfered. Thanks!

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    Are you a career FF or a vollie in IL?........where r u @?

    I grew up in IL and would give anything to be back there..

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    I can't answer for the rest of the state. However I can tell you about the FDNY.

    We offer a civil service test about every 4 years. Nothing you have matters. Nothing transfers. You take the test. You pass the test. You are given a number based on your cumulitive score. They hire in order of those numbers. It is that simple. No interveiw...no "are you the right guy for the job?" BS. No bias. No BS.

    They just had one in 2002 or 03?; I think and the next one will be in 2005 or 2006. You get 5 extra points for being a resident of the 5 boroughs and if you have residency you are able to get 5 points for any vetrans credit.

    EMS is a completely seperate division within the FDNY. Very little relation or interaction between the two.

    Best of luck on the Move. That was the hardest part of taking the job for me...was the move.


    ps: you can't be older than 29 to take the test.FAQ
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