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    Default Explorer command structure

    What is your post's command structure like?

    Is it a direct copy of the department, modified from the department or does it follow learning for life guide lines?

    or it a weird combo of all of the above?

    We had 2 explorer captains and 2 explorer sergeants. Our explorer chain of command is a mess right now. One captain lost his rank, the other (me) is at school, one sergeant joined the department and the other is at school as well.

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    Our dept's group of cadets doesn't really have any sort of command set up or anything. We did vote on a captain tho, mainly for the purpose of a jr. firefighting competition we were in and it was required that you have one. For our group, I don't think a command system would be very useful. We have our adult advisors that are Firefighters, and one of the Captains in the dept. is the one in charge of the cadets. The topic has been brought up but we couldn't come up with a good reason to have one. I think having one would create some tension among us, and cause people to go on power trips, then again maybe not. But hey every group does things differently ~ what works for some might not work for others I am content with the way things are now and happy with our team capt. we voted on for the competition. He is a good leader and knows what he is talking about. Anyway, i just wanted to share how things are done on this end. This was a good topic for a thread ffexpCP, I'll be interested to read what others have to say! Stay safe everyone

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    Our command structure is:

    1st Lt.
    2nd Lt. (Unfilled right now due to a lower number of Explorers then what is needed to fill this position.)

    Our treasurer is an Advisor.

    The system works good for us here, we usually have a couple of Explorers on most calls, so having a command system helps out in those regards, it also works out around the fire house.

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    here it goes like this:

    Explorer Sr. command (kinda like a chief)- gets orange helmet

    Station command officer (like a Lt.)- Gets blue helmet

    Explorer (like regular FF)- Gets black helmet

    as for the FFs

    Chief- white helmet

    Capt. and Lt.- red helmet

    Seargent- yellow with searg. crest

    FF- yellow

    Probie FF- yellow with red P's on the side

    Moose (Post 2028 Vice President/ Command Officer)Explorer Highland Twp. Fire/Rescue Dept.

    Any Questions Contact Me At

    These Are My Opinions, Not that of My Dept. or Any other Orgnazition I Belong to.

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    We had the 2 ranks. Chief and Deputy Chief. I was the chief and my only real "job" was to handle the LFL paper work and equipment such as turnouts. As we got more into it I would co-ordinate multi department jr./post trainings and trips.

    The deputy was basicly my back up. If I couldnt attend a meeting he would take over where I left off. He also served as a valuable second and level headed opinion to some of my decisions.
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    We have an advisor, whos a FF/EMT, then me, and I`m the Senior Explorer (cause I`ve been around the longest, and ride the most) then all the other guys.
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    We have
    All advisors
    Post President-chief
    Post vp-deputy chief-secretary
    Post safety officer-capt
    lieut-post education / training chief
    lieut-post treasuer
    Explorer III
    Explorer II
    Explorer I
    Probationary explorer

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