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    Default Who does EMS for Atlanta GA

    I was wondering what major ambulance agencies are there in Atlanta GA

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    depending on what part of atlanta.. if you are within city limits.. Atlanta fire handles it. if you are out in the county, a private company called Rural Metro handles it..

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    Default GA EMS Services

    There are so many FIRE and EMS services based in and around Atlanta it is very difficult to have an inclusive list. Most NET (non-emergency transport) are not area specific.

    Interior Atlanta
    911 Services
    -Rural Metro

    -Atlanta Fire

    -Children's Hospital

    Surrounding Atlanta Fire/EMS
    South - Henry County
    South- Clayton County
    SE- Fayette County
    N- Cherokee County
    N- Gwinett County
    E- Rockdale County
    E- Dekalb County

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    I'm not quite sure what all you want to know.

    To expand on the aforementioned:
    EMS and emergent transport in Atlanta are provided by Grady EMS. Grady is a third service (meaning it is apart from police and fire) that operates as an extension of Grady Memorial Hospital (Level I Trauma Center). They respond to about 110,000 calls annually with a max of 28 units in service during peak times. That may increase with major events/holidays. Not sure. Either way, apart from some major financial woes recently Grady has been a superb service. EMS personnel can attend inservice classes that doctors attend and the sky is the limit in terms of their knowledge base. They've never had to rely on mutual aid (according to Grady) since their establishment more than 100 years ago.

    As far as first response IN Atlanta, that is Atlanta Fire Department. The majority of their trucks are ALS response as I recall. They do not transport.

    Outside of Atlanta but still inside of Fulton County, things get a little more hairy. Tons of cities, Rural Metro, and maybe a few other services involved.

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    Is there a service in Atlanta called Atlanta South, Metro Atlanta or somthing like that??
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    Smile Ok...so here is a little info. about Metro Atlanta

    The following is what I know after working/living in the ATL most of my life:

    Fulton County EMS:

    -Grady covers the city of Atlanta and does Mutual Aid for Fulton County
    -Fulton County relies on Rural Metro
    -Private Services in Fulton also include Milton Ambulance, and Central Ambulance (Central does 911 back-ups) for Rural Metro

    Cobb County EMS:

    -Most of Cobb County is covered by Metro Atlanta EMS (private company)
    -Georgia EMS which covers the Kennesaw area
    -Puckett EMS which covers the southern part of Cobb County

    Cherokee County has its own med units

    DeKalb County has its own ALS/BLS units, but uses AMR for BLS calls

    Gwinnett County also has its own ambulances and does there own transport.

    That is all I can really remember...any other questions just post on here

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    HaHa grady never calling for mutal aid, I know for sure they have called RMA on occasion as has RMA called them.

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