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    Default Urban Search and Rescue

    Thoughts on the Commonwealth's approach to regionalized Urban Search and Rescue assets based on the Counter Terrorism Task Force divisions? I saw that some of the people from the Pittsburgh area responded to the church collapse. Do you think that PEMA is providing enough support to train and equip local assets?

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    I was picked up opted out of being a member of my regions usar company (not enough time) The guys and gals from my region are currently going thru training at the philly fire academy on weekends. The state is spending a HUGE chunk of money on USAR. THe state team just got something like 5 tractor trailers a bus etc. The extimated cost of equipment that my region is getting is soemthing like $250,000. The system is messed up but tell me ONE goverment program that is not. OUr theory is to pay for the training anf the equipment and leave us alone we will take it from there. Most firefighters in hte state do not even know that this is going on. We are suppose to get someting like 3 to 5 Million in frederal dollars in the region , we are pushing for $500,000 for USAR.

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    I thought the money was coming from FEMA, Homeland Security, or something like that. I've seem the trucks, looks like a lot of money alright.

    choad33 , It's a shame you were selected, and didn't have the time for it.

    What is messed up about it? What region are you talking about, which one are you from? How much training and time do you think will be required? Do you know?
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