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    I am an Assistant Chief with a small rural department in western New York. I am looking for departments who may be replacing Class A pumpers in the very near future and are looking to part with their old truck for a reasonable price. We are in the process of replacing 1 of our 2 pumpers with a new one, but now our second pumper has developed serious mechanical problems and we are in need of replacing that also.

    If any of you have a truck or know a neighboring department who may have one, please email me at

    Thank You

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    We have an engine that we might be getting rid of here sometime soon the dept hasnt really decided to keep it or get rid of it.
    It is a 1968 FOrd C800 - VanPelt 1000gpm/500 tank with a huge 5 something gas engine and a straight 5 spd tranny

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