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    Lightbulb im looking for a job as a hazmat tech

    I dont know where to look? I am a hazmat tech, firefighter,emt.
    Could someone out there piont me in the right direction?

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    Try not to take this the wrong way but you must be kidding.

    You don't know where to look? Almost every city in the U.S. has a web page and most have hiring information concerning their FD. All have HR phone numbers. Firehouse.com has an pay service with fire job listings not to mention there are about a bigilion other ones out there. America's job bank, monster.com, newspapers online, google, yahoo. . . this list goes on.

    Now if I misunderstood and you are looking for a Hazmat Tech only job my apologies. As for that question I don't know where to look other than the military. I've never heard of anyone in a FD who is only a Hazmat Tech, it is always part of a firefighter's job.

    Good luck happy hunting.

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    There are many, many jobs out there for hazmat trained folks - If you are looking soley for a hazmat job, not one with an FD. Most firefighters I know who have any hazmat training also know that there is a very lucrative job market out there for hazmat trained bubbas. I would suggest you use the many internet job search websites out there and search for "hazmat" or "hazardous materials" jobs. Many jobs are with private companies or industries. Some government agencies also have openings. One company that I've seen lately hiring hazmat guys primarily for response duties (instead of a safety or occupational health type duty) is Anteon in Viriginia/D.C. area. U.S. Capitol Police recently hired some hazmat trained folks for their response teams (not requiring LE experience). The opportunities are out there, you just need to find them!

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