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    Question Draeger scba

    What does anyone whom has used Draeger SCBA's think of them? What kind of problems have you had with them? Would you buy them again if the oppertunity came about?
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    cloth head nets stretch alot, rubber "spider straps" seems to break easy, most of our chest and waist straps pull through the metal holders, bottles are not very easy to screw onto the pack. other than that - I guess they serve the purpose, just seem to require a little more care.

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    Here are some previous threads that might be helpful:

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    might also want to check out their web site:

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    My department started using Draeger about 5 months ago. They are great packs.

    Let me name a few of the things I like about them.

    1. Comfort. The packs have lots of padding so that you don't have metal pushing up against your body. The weight of the pack rests on your hips, not your shoulder. The backplate can adjust to 3 different lengths, so it will fit your torso length better than any other pack. The hip pad pivots from side to side so that you can easily bend sideways. The pack also does not pull up your jacket.

    2. Ease of use. Ever had truoble with getting your high pressure line into your facepiece? Well you shouldn't with this pack. The salesman told us to 'look to the sky and shove it up your nose.' That's all you have to do to get on air.

    3. Value. From what my research has shown, no other company can offer you an airpack with all the same goodies for anywhere near the same price. We have the Draeger PSS 100 Plus pack with the Sentinel package. More than likely, you will not get any other dealer to give you all of that equipment for less than $4500, if they even offer it at all.

    4. Reputation. According to Draeger's website:
    For over 20 years, Draeger Safety has provided quality safety products that include detector tubes, portable gas detection instruments, gas detection systems, respiratory protection and diving products to industries worldwide. Industrial hygienists, safety professionals, miners, emergency rescuers, firefighters, and environmentalists have come to rely on Draeger's quality and innovative products to detect, measure and protect against toxic substances in the workplace and environment.

    If you want to do some checking into Draeger's reputation, you will be amazed. I dare you to find another airpack manufacturer that can offer you as much as Draeger can.
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    My department just went through this. We looked at MSA, Scott, ISI, Surviair, and Draeger. After checking them all out we narrowed it down to MSA, Scott and Draeger. These three were further tested and more info on them found. After digesting all of the info and the input from our FF and other departments FF we went with Draeger. They were the most expensive out of the three though. We did not do the Sentinal, went with the Grace Ind IPASS. Also, we went with alluminum tanks, we are a small rural FD and do not use them more than 5-10 times a year. The guys really wanted the Draegers and to save a few $$ and to better justify our purchase of the "highest bid" we went with the Au tanks.

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