Today, May 4th is International Firefighter's Day! It is not a day that is highly publicized on all local, national, and international news providers; nor is it a day that any government recognizes. However, it is not about that, it is not about being able to get off work; or anything like that. International Firefighter’s Day is a tribute to not only the individual Firefighter and the things that they do. But it is also a day for Firefighters amongst themselves to remember and celebrate not only the immense brotherhood that stems from this all, but to remember the Firefighters who have giving the ultimate sacrifice, or just have passed on not in the line of duty. Regardless of an L.O.D.D. passing or otherwise, we should take a moment to remember them all. But not to dwell on the less positive aspects of this lifestyle, whether paid, volunteer, whatever, this is a day to celebrate all of these things. So be merry, be thankful for the tradition that has been carved for the Fire Departments of today, and cherish the heritage that gleams down upon everything.

So once again, Happy International Firefighter’s Day, enjoy!