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    Did any of you atted FDIC in Indianapolis last week? What are some of your thoughts on some of the new apparatus that is coming out. If you attended which truck manufature had the best show? In my opinion pierce took it. Just some thoughts or any new products that you really liked.

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    I attended because my company went in with ProPoly and Hale and built a wildland truck with a poly body, so with that in mind I did not have a chance to see everything... and even so, I did manage to make it through most of the show.

    Pierce took the show with the New Quantum, the "Pack Mule" and the new ladder rack. Still not convinced on the Aluminum ladder.

    E-1 had some nice apparatus as did SMEAL. The Smeal Aerials were impressive.

    TFT had the most innovative designs with the improved Extend-A-Gun and the remote controlled master streams as well as additional LDH appliances and a new line of dual pressure/low pressure nozzles

    I like the design of the new Black Diamond Boot.

    I noticed that every tom dick and harry now has some line/form of Turnout gear and some of it scared me... There used to be the "big 4 or 5" (Globe, Morning Pride, Janesville/Lion Apparel, Quaker, Cairns). Now every company with a sewing maching seems to be trying to make PPE.

    Then there are the companies that throw some mister bubble in a can and call it foam. I am not sure how they compete with National and Ansul in terms of foam and quality. I guess they sell it because it is cheap....someday FDs will realize that it is exactly that....CHEAP

    NEIDNER seemed to be the major display for hose (at least the largest) and then there is that Mercedes hose (I thought that was a car) that is obviously an immitation of NEIDNER.

    All in all it is a great show, but I am convinced you need more than 2.5 days to see it all and gather all the information you seek. I am sure it would increase the cost to attend, but in my opinion it would take a good 4 days to "take in" everything at the show. Now I will have to say that I was tied up in our booth and in dealer meetings, but still managed to spend time on the floor, but I was only able to see things that I passed by on the way to see stuff that I "needed" information on. I am sure I missed a great deal.
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