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    Default personal business on duty

    Can anyone tell me what their policy is about crews conducting personal business (stopping at the bank, post office, other job, home) on duty?

    Our policy is pretty liberal, but 1 of my guys is getting a day off because he was getting a business license for his side job. The rig was parked behind City Hall for about 40 minutes and 'supposedly' the mayor and the chief received written complaints. The engine was not in its district. They did not receicve any runs while they were there.

    Now Ive just learned a Captain took his rig out of district to watch a softball game WITH OUT the permission from his Battalion Chief. They caught a woking fire just a couple blocks from the firehouse. It took them double the time it should of to get there, but the run report states otherwise. This Captain is presumed to be an "untouchable".

    I have taken care of personal business while on duty as well as union business. I even stopped by my house once in a while, but it is in my still district and I always have permission from my superior.

    This is just a nibble of the problems we have here. We have an SOG how to raise a bay door and drive thru it, but NONE regarding operations on the fireground.

    Ive tried doing a search on this subject but I struckout.

    Can anyone help?


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    I'm not exactly sure of how it's written in the policy, but personal errands (typically in district) are fine so long as they don't interfere with station duties. Other jobs... that's a little questionable. I've always had a funny feeling about actively conducting business while working fire/ems (which for me would involve time on the phone & laptop). Even more odd, on the subject of second jobs, our PD dispatches FD, and one of our medics is a part time cop. Dispatch is occasionally contacting him by fire/ambulance radio to call them back landline about a PD opening they want to cover.
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    Personal business while on duty is considered a prohibitive act by me.

    While in reality many members conduct personal business while on duty the department could come down on them at any time.

    Part time jobs held by memebers shal not create a conflict of interest, impare the employee's job efficiency, physical well being, or cause public relations problems. Any outside job held by us also must be reported to the Fire Chief, who per our rules and regs can prohibit our outside employment.

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    While not a FT department...we do have people on duty everyday from 8a -4p. We had the situation that people would come in and proceed to drive all around the town, for most of the shift. Well this has been curbed and can now only go to lunch, and to any errrand approved by the chief.
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    Sounds like were about the same as you are. If we need to leave our district for any reason especially a personal errand, we just need to call another station and have them cover our area while we are out of district for that time frame.

    As long as we have all the areas of the City covered at all times, how we get it done is ok by the White shirts, once in awhile we slip up and get into trouble but not too often

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    If we are out and about (coming back from a run, doing inspections, etc.) and one of my crew asks to stop by the bank, Starbucks, etc. I have no problem. We are in the district and in service. Many times, parents and kids see the fire truck and come over and ask if they can look at it or sit in it, it's a great opportunity to do a little PR!
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    In the hall that I work, we have a truck that covers the entire city. So if we need anything we can switch and jump on that truck. Like the Capt said if you are out in district and in comission then why not. Good PR. For myself, I usually try to keep my personal business out of the hall til I am switching to nights.


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    Default Do What You Have To

    When working we are permitted to take care of personnel business as long as we remain "On Radio" and with in a reasonable response. - We mainly staff the BLS Unit but make Engine Responses when low manning from the volunteers occurs {Mainly everyday} - If a Fire Run is Dispatched while we're out on "Personnel Business" we have our PPE on board and make the response or if close to the station we return and make sure the engines have full crews. -

    Basically we have a written policy that yes gets bent from time to time. - Originally we had to stay in district but if anyone is familiar with North Western Delaware on The Chester County, Pa. Line there is nothing here but Mushroom Houses and Farms. - Hell, we have to go out of district for a decent Lunch or Dinner. - The Fire Company Officers saw this and allowed us to step out of district - Again "On Radio with the BLS Unit" and Ready to make a response when called. - Thats the way It should be.

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    We can run errands as long as its not a every shift thing and as long as we stay in the Twp. or the immediate area. If the crew want Ice Cream we run down the road a ways to the Dairy Queen which is technically in the city. Then we take the Bureau Car and thats ok.
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    Like everything, there will be contract rules or "in house" understandings but anyone sensible doesn't need a lawyers eye view to know what is right and reasonable.
    The bottom line is you are there to protect the lives and property of the citizens you protect. If doing something is going to detract from your ability to achieve that you have a moral duty not to do that. Likewise if what is proposed will not (in any material way) affect your ability to provide the protection you are there for then most good managers would not put obstacles in the way just because they can. Being human beings, there may be some firefighters who need a reminder (gentle or otherwise) from time to time, likewise Officers or Managers need to model the behaviour they expect from their subordinates. In most cases, taking care of small but important details while on duty costs the department nothing and shows concern for the needs of its workforce.
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