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Thread: Ride em' Cowboy

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    Default Ride em' Cowboy

    A horse looks out a window of the trailer its being hauled in after a Dodge Neon collided with it, Tuesday, May 4, 2004, in Winnemucca, Nev. The accident occurred after high winds blew dust from a freshly plowed field across the roadway severely limiting visibility. As a result, there was a six-car pileup that ended with the vehicle in the back of the horse trailer. The horse, Crimson Agent, escaped the accident unharmed. (AP Photo/Dee Holzel)
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    "I just wanted to add more horsepower to my car..I guess this isn't the correct way of doing it..."
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    Is that a horse or john kerry?
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    Kind of reminds me of the Police Academy scene.

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    Is that a horse or john kerry?
    HA!!! That's is pretty good bud. I got a good chuckle out of that.

    In any event, What are the odds that a car gets perfectly lined up enough to be able to drive into the trailer like that?
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    Is that a horse or John Kerry?
    It must be Kerry, I can see it's head. Otherwise I would say it's Bush.

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