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    A couple of our guys grabbed an ad at the FDIC for E-One's refurbishing program. Our department has an '84 E-One Hurricane that is in good shape, but could be updated. I know nothing about refurbs, so I had some questions:

    Is '84 already too old to worry about getting refurbed?
    How much would it be just to upgrade to a 4-door enclosed cab?
    How much is the "Glider Kit", which updates the cab, and refurbs the engine, pump, and tranny?

    Any info, help, or shared experiences would be appreciated.

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    Is an '84 too late to refurb/glider? NO.

    The 4 door conversion depends on who and how they do it. Many companys can add a clip that encloses the jumpseats. If you have E-One do it they will probably want to do a new Hurricane cab on the existing chassis instead of a clip which is a better move in my opinion. The cost of a Refurb is going to depend on what you want updated, changed, added, etc. A glider is typically the more expensive of the 2 options because they only use the existing engine, transmission and pump which means the cost of a new cab and body. However, there have been refurbs done (Each of us probably knows of atleast 1) that cost as much or more than a glider. It comes down to what you need done and what you want done. Just some thoughts.

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