I Just returned home from the Funeral of Firefighter Landis Garrison of the Port Byron Fire Dept.
This funeral was unlike any I have been to in the past and most likely will not see again for some time.
Landis was a Volunteer Firefighter and Part Time Hampton Police Officer on top of in the Army National Guard, you can only begin to imagine what this day was like. Those that spent the long hours planning the funeral deserve a big Thank You for such an awesome Funeral. The procession was so long, approx. 30 fire trucks, and I would hate to guess the number of police cars present, probably close to 40 or 50 easlily. I had heard from someone that watched the processon and stated that from start to finish it was 35 min long, and the speed of the procession was 20-30 mph depending on what are we were in. The citizens along the route were stopping everything they were doing, including when we went by the golf course, and paid their respects, there were several individuals standing along the route with American Flags honoring Sgt. Garrison.
As I said before, this Funeral was awesome. I know that everyone involved in the planning spent several sleepless nights in the last week making sure that Landis was given what he deserved.
Please check out our local news station websites later tonight for the coverage.


God Bless each and everyone of you! Darin Keith