I am a member of an all-career FD consisting of about 40 personnel. We are not NFPA compliant and it does not look as if the Administration sees this in the near (or distant) future.

Staffing per shift without vacations, etc:
Engine 1: 2 FF, 1 LT
Engine 2: 1 FF, 1 LT
Rescue 1: 2 FF
Truck 1: 1 FF
One Crew Captain per shift.

Initial assignment for REPORTED house fire:
E1, E2, R1, Captain= 8 personnel

First Alarm for CONFIRMED house fire:
Above plus T1 & Mutual Aid Rescue (4 FF).

Truck 1 is only first due to Target Industry, Hotels, Hospitals and Schools. It is not on the initial assignment for multiple dwelling fires. It does not initially respond to reported structure fires, smoke in the building, etc, unless requested by the Captain. It does respond automatically when the IC reports a working fire.

Any thoughts on this? What do your departments do? Just curious how many small departments are NFPA compliant. And if not, how their run cards are set up.