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    Default I Never heard This One Before.....

    This is the truth and I know it's hard to believe. A good friend of mine, Mr. Todd Hoffman, teaches airbag systems to body shop personnel. He actually had a woman write to him after a program with the following request. Remember, this is the truth and her actual words from the email to Todd. She really believed her husband's Why I Got Arrested excuse. Where do wives like this come from?

    "My husband tested .12 on a breathalizer after inhaling fumes from an airbag. I am looking for a good reference of material or other cases like this".
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    To my knowledge there is nothing in airbags that would cause any kind of a blood alcohol level period. From what I understand there are no chemicals related to alcohol used. If there were there would be alot more people walking around intoxicated after a accident. This sounds like a excuse to me (Sorry to the lady). It is the first time I have heard of this being used before. Not only am I in the fire service & ems, I also work in law enforcement. If there is any fact to this please post it for everyone to know.

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    Now THAT is funny.

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    Yes, he did in fact blow a .12 after inhaling "airbag fumes". That is actually quite possible and not the first time I have seen this happen. I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with all the beers he was pounding down before getting in the accident. Actually, we are currently researching if the "airbag fumes" can chemically react with the booze in your system to make your BAC appear signifficantly higher than it already was before swerving off the road.
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