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    Default Reciprocating Saw Blades

    When cutting with a reciprocating saw is it worth having a second person lubricating the blade with soap and water or just have a saw with a quick change chuck and extra blades in hand and change them when needed? To me it seems faster to put in a new blade when needed, frees the other person up for another task.

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    spraying the blade might help to extend the life of the blade; are you concerned with the cost of these blade? Unless you are a demolition contractor who likes to pay two guys to do a one man job, I would just keep some extra blades handy so the other person can get on with doing something more important.

    Although if you have someone on your squad who can't seem to do anything right then giving them a squirt bottle keeps them out of your way


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    Ron Moore did some testing on this not too long ago. You could find it in the UofE archives possibly. If I remember, spraying the blades to lubricate them had very little to no difference at all on the cut, time to make the cut, or blade life. It basically wasted the usefullness of a person.
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    The combination of Bones & nutty's remarks have been my standpoint for years.

    I don't care if the soapy water makes a difference in blade life or not.
    1) Blades are (fairly) cheap.
    2) With todays shorter manpower - If I am fortunate enough to even have that "extra" person, then I have better things for them to be doing than squirting saw blades.

    IMO (to paraphrase the "Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld) - No SOAP for you !!!
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