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    Default Information about Dr James Outtzs

    Hey Guys

    Does any one have any Information about Dr James Outtzs and Outtzs and Associates independent examiner in Washington DC" which is a government-approved firm which specializes in manipulating fire and police exam results in order to grant passing grades to the largest number of non-white.

    I known he has done Testing for Toledo and Seattle Bridgeport Fire Depts.

    The information I am looking for is about problems with his Tests???????????

    He just gave Test for Bridgeport Fired Dept entrance exam.

    White Candidates score High on written and very low on Oral part given by Dr Outtzs

    Minority Candidates score low on written and very high on the oral given by Dr Outtzs

    Top 100 are only 10 white male and rest are minority and women.

    Is there any proof that Dr James Outtzs and Outtzs and Associates have connection with IABPFF?

    What they did in Bridgeport is criminal act and brothers there fighting test need are help.

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    There seems to be some good information on him... Just need to spell the last name correctly.

    There is a good deal of info out there about him, though I'm sure a run through an engine like Lexis-Nexis would give you more articles. It looked like an interesting topic so I did a little research. You're not going to find any smoking gun, but you will find some very interesting reading.

    This should prove your written test theory: http://www.clccrul.org/LEWISVCHICAGO.htm
    Chicago FD

    Interesting Court Case, more PD than FD, but may be of interest to you... http://www.law.emory.edu/6circuit/wp...98/98a0233p.06

    http://www.ipmaac.org/conf03/buster2.pdf He is mentioned in the presentation.

    An interesting lawsuit in which Dr. outtz services were rendered to the plaintiffs.

    Report by Dayton (OH) Fire about Diversity

    And finally...

    1997 SIOP( Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology) Fellowship Awards

    James Outtz

    James Outtz is being recognized for his work involving the development of testing procedures that focus on the reduction of adverse impact. He was a major force involved in developing the concept of sliding band procedures and he was also responsible for creating dynamic video simulations for selection purposes. He has been active in sharing his knowledge through publications, participation in a variety of symposia and conferences, and through his service as an expert witness in a number HR-related court proceedings.

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