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    Question CAFS Retrofit Info Needed

    I need information for a survey on Cafs Retrofit. If you are in charge of your departments apparatus or chief of your department and your department has done a retrofit on your existing Engine or Pumper/Tanker please email me. I will email you a short survey to fill out.

    email: mocafs@yahoo.com

    Thanks for your Time

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    Still looking for help!. Only one person has expressed intrest.

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    Default Haven't done it yet, but...

    It's the major focus of our FEMA grant

    Keep in mind, a retrofit will typically have limited # of CAFS outlets compared to a new factory installed unit. We are planning on
    the two cross lays, booster line, and maybe one 2-1/2 outlet. We know we can't expect the retrofit to run all the lines, but we are planning on a system that will support 2 1-3/4 preconnects in the crosslays.

    Another thing, with CAFS you want no caps, or vented caps. A standard cap could become a projectile when pressure is left on the system. Or so they tell me.

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