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    Default Customer/run surveys

    Does anyone out there mail/handout any type of survey after calls? I'm looking for some input on what to put on something like this.
    Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

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    We use to have surveys after calls, we would call the family after the incident mostly EMS related I think. It has been a few years since we did this so ill look around and see if I can find an old survey for you and email it your way or post it online here.
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    This is a good idea, and we are also looking at doing something similar. Our idea is to go to a neighborhood a few days after a Fire or unusual incident that affected more than one home, and go door to door with a letter to the resident explaining what happened, what we did, and why. This will be done in a manner to avoid any privacy concerns and avoiding anything that could hamper an investigation, if there was/is one. We fully intend to use this visit to a neighborhood as a recruitment tool also.
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    has been discussed.............but never came to fruition ......I think it is a good idea.
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    I also think it's a good idea. I was just talking about this the other day.

    Is this appropriate for calls that don't end well? I know we don't just want input from the calls where everything went as planned, but I'm not sure if I want to give one to families who lost a loved one.

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    Thanks for the interest in this topic-I guess that if we go this route, mailing a survey in response to calls that didn't have a happy ending would have to be done. If you only poll the people that had a good outcome the results my be misleading. I was thinking that by getting input from the public/people we serve, we can find out what we need to do to improve our services.

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    Default Ok, here we go..

    Mailing something to someone is too time comsuming.

    Here a good example. Currently, the Orange County
    Fire Authority in CA (www.ocfa.org) will give
    the patient or family member a pre-address, stamped
    survey to fill out and send it.

    Super easy, no stamps and the survey comes filled out
    straight to you. OCFA reported a 98% positive return
    on the cards. This is pretty good considerig they
    run (I think) about 80,000 calls a year. (8 battalions,
    62 stations)
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