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    Question National Fire Academy

    Self Study classes are they worth my time? Is it worth the time to go to Emmitsburg if you get the chance? Looking into taking some classes and wondering if they are worth it? Why aren't some of these part of fire science classes in college? I know firefighters have gone but none that have tsaid anything about the classes.

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    Some of the self study I find useful, some not. It depends a bit on your background.

    Is it worth going to the academy? Without a doubt. Get there by whatever means possible: state weekend, VIP, 2-week course. It is well worth the time and it's basically free. Be prepared to work hard, some classes more than others from what I understand.

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    Ditto regarding the Self Study courses.. depending on your level of training you may find some very basic.

    On Campus Courses - Well worth your time!

    I have attended 6 on-campus courses and not had a bad one yet. Not to say there are not some classes that are not as good as others.

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