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    Default my dept policy

    i am a member of cameron rural fire dept in cameron north carolina i have been a firefighter for almost 6 months and have almost completed my fire fighter 1&2 certification and i am working on my ERT cert. about a week ago we had a new member join and we didn't have a pager to give him. mine was taken and givein to another junior member with about a month of service and no training what so ever. we i asked my LT about this he stated that it was becuase the other junior member was older. is this a good policy and if not what do i do to try to get it changed

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    because he was older? Jesus, that sounds funny. You have more training and could be more useful at calls. You should be the one with the pager. The only way a pager gets taken from a jr in my department is if it's going to a FF that is cert.

    Sounds like you got the short end of the stick here.
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    Yeah you got screwed my friend

    That is absolutely ridiculous...Why give a complete newbie a pager because he's older..Stupid...Your usefull on a fire scene,He's useless...Doesn't make sense
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    Age should have no factor in the process of deciding which jr., explorer, shall be in access to a pager.

    The fact of the matter is the necessity for a pager should be solely warranted by ones usefulness on a fires scene. And being that you have a lot more certifications and training then this new junior, you should have the pager.

    As far as how to get your pager back, I wouldn’t go rampaging saying you are more useless and etc. etc... But I would take the issue to an officer, particularly the LT. that you spoke to in the first place and calmly state your case. Perhaps in the end of things they might get another pager for you.

    In my dept. we were issue pagers at first by who was most active, which happened to be the officers, so at that point, only officers had pagers, which could be argued appropriate, but could also be argued inappropriate. But it was based on the extent of activeness our Explorers had, so in that regards that is acceptable in my mind. But then the rest of the Explorers were issued pagers, they also were based on activeness. It seems odd that it was done that way, but when the first pagers were dealt there were not a lot of them to go around. So they decided that way, and then did it again for the others.
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    I dont weigh in much here but you are the trained person right ? I mean fully qualified and ready to go ......... so who cares there is an older lesser trained person .........naw thats not right say that what happened here is department policy ?
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    I had something happen kind of like that. I have been a member of a post for about 1 year. But I came from another post(4yrs), I know my stuff. We just had someone join who is currently going through school for his FF I&II. He thinks he is god. He just thinks that we are Bull S*** explorers. He is constantly forgeting day 1 stuff, such as SAFETY, and work in pairs, he wants to fight fire "Freelance style." He thinks he can go into a brun prop without a hood,(hell when I went through the sim, I could feel that heat through everything.)When told by an officer to wear a hood, he makes a face as he walks away and acts surpriesed. (I learned that if you want to go anywhere, LISTEN TO THE OFFICERS.) He thinks that firefighting is just a joke and that it is a piece of cake. Well, its not. And just because someone has his FF I&II does not make him better than everyone else. His screw ups look a whole lot worse now that he has his certifications. I just dont see how someone can forget some of the most important items that can mean life or death.

    Back to your subject, I totaly agree with you, you are trained and he is not. He is a liability if he is responding.
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