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    Default Ride-Along Stories

    After reading a lot of the posts on here about ride-alongs, I was wondering if anybody had any funny stories from explorer ride-alongs? I don't mean just on calls but things around the firehouse, or any horror stories for that matter (A-Hole office or something).

    First, to give you a little background, our department is full-time and we have a few hundred firefighters. We are able to ride on Thursdays 6:30-10PM and Saturdays 8-1PM (used to be 8-4PM). The ride-along program itself is still kind of young, so we are starting off small.

    Off the top of my head, one of the funniest calls has to be when we got called to check on a drunk guy passed out on the curb and he swore we were the police and he couldn't understand why he was going to be arrested (which he wasn't, we just woke him up) and finally just told us how much he loved us and wanted to give us all hugs including the actual cop that responded. You kind of feel bad for the guy later, but I figure, you've got to enjoy those kinds of calls for the humor in it.

    My funnest firehouse moment was when a bunch of the guys (2 company house) had bought a little crossbow earlier in the day, and they had already lost all of the arrows, so I go out in the rig room, and they're grinding big nails down to use in it, and they also found some pencils to shoots. The whole thing was just hilarious, of course they made sure I was looking through one of the apparatus windows or was shielded a little bit in case the improvised arrows didn't shoot the way they wanted.

    By far the coolest thing probably was getting to pull the engine out of the station and putting it into pump gear to run the booster line to clean the floor/driveway. Of course, the driver wanted to back it in himself, but I sure wasn't about to risk that.

    That's all I can really, remember right now. So if you have anything please post, maybe we can learn something from it, or at least get a laugh.

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    Default Firehouse humor

    At our firehouse in Virginia, some of the members like to play practical jokes on new members. Here is some that they have played on me, 1. asking me to "prime" the fire hydrant outside of the building, I was out there for 2 hours trying to "prime" it. 2. asking me to get the water hammer off of the fire engine, I looked for it for a good 20 minutes. 3. asking me to look at the "mouse" in the back of the engine, then someone pulled a lever, and it dumped alot of water on me! 4. setting off a fake fire alarm in the middle of the night, I got up and got dressed in my turnout gear, and got into the fire engine, i waited for 10 minutes and no one got dressed. then i heard a burst of laughter out of the storage room.

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    The funniest thing that happened at our firehouse was we were all playing paintball behind the firehouse one afternoon and one of the ladies was about 3 feet behind another fireman and thought her safety was on and pulled the trigger and a ball shot and hit him in the back and he yelled out OUCH!
    Another thing that happened that wasnt really funny to the two guys it happened to but the rest of us get a chuckle when its brought up one morning our present cheif was doing something inside the bays so he pulled a truck out. Then he was driving his truck towards the back and went out the front of the truck and at the same time our ex-cheif was coming the oppisite way and they both hit each others truck coming around the fire truck.
    The most embaressing thing that ever happened to me was that we were marking off a landing zone for an accident that happened and i was walking around the perimeter putting tape up and i had no flashlight and it was like 10:30 at night and all of a sudden i fell like 5 feet and i realized i stepped right into a storm drain. I could hear people from the road laughing as they were in their cars waiting for traffic to move on, I felt like such an @$$hole but I shook it off and continued with my business.

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    Well, Ive had my share of funny calls. But when I was first an explorer and the captain asked me to go get the sloan valve of the engine right after we had done engine familiarization, I searched for 3 hours trying to find it, I even had pulled out equipment books to figure it out. After a 10 page report on what a sloan valve is, I will never forget what and where it is located. And the only reason that the guys at the station found it funny is cause Im a girl and Ive never used one.
    There is also the small things that will never be forgotten, like how an engineer has been at our department for 24 years and didnt know how to use the TV remote. Filling a rookies turnout boots full of laundry detergent. Baby powder in the helmet of a paramedic/firefighter who was just promoted and giving him some excuse to put it on so baby powder got everywhere.
    There are all those little things that make your slow days at the fire station worth while.

    Ashley Meyer
    EMT-I, Volunteer Firefighter

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