This is a dino dig going on at my neibors ranch. It just 10 mile nort of Plevna, MT, my hometown. I have been through that section of land a hundred times since my childhood, didnt notic Wyrex though.

This is a T Rex dig that is looking to be very complete. They are only 2 weeks into the dig and so far estimate that they have 90% or better of the bones.

For the finder/rancher/owner of the land this is his second find in the last 10 years.

Black Hills Institute of Geology is going the dig, they are very experienced and have dug out another rare T Rex, Sue, which sold for 8.4 millions about 10 years ago!

They have an awsome website that you can follow day by day. Here is the link.

My father and I went up to the dig a few days ago. It is amazeing how meticulas you have to be. It is very delicate work, paitients is a must. Once in a lifetime thing to see.

I used to be a dino nut, then I got older, but now I am getting a bit dino crazy again.