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    Question Brake fade/failure on International Chasis

    Has anyone experienced brake fade or worse failure with an International commercial chasis being used as a fire engine? Our dept just experienced a failure (according to the operator). Brakes were tested and reported to be fine. I have a feeling that the operator is about to encounter some legal action from the civilian(s) injured in the accident. I have had many brothers and sisters complain about the brakes on these Internationals. Any help greatly appreciated. I hate to see him out there on the limb.

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    The problem isn't the trucks themselves, its the way they're set up. Most departments are running 4400 series when they should be running 7600 series Internationals with more powerful motors, better brakes and higher GVW. Most commercial apparatus seems way overloaded.

    Where I work, we have 4400 series straight jobs. Some with 6-speeds and some with autos, the trucks with the auto tranny's go through brakes three times fatser than the 6-speeds. Bottom line is, it has been my experience that automatic trucks are terrible on brakes, couple that with marginal PM's (not yours in particular) and it's not suprising that you would have brake fade.

    As far as your drivers story goes, if tests show the brakes were fine (tests by a 3rd party not leroy the dept mechanic) somethings a little fishy.

    Good luck, nobody here wishes to be in your departments shoes.


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    We have not had any problems with the brakes on our International. However, I am not sure if it is Custom or Commercial, or even what model it is. I will know tonight after our meeting. I will post tomorrow and let you know.

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    Default Brake Fade

    The first questions that come to mind are.

    1)What were the driving conditions leading up to the accident?
    were there numorous hard brake applications prior to reaching the scene of the accident. Brake fade is usually associated with heat
    generation in the brakes

    2)What is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) for your apparatus
    compared to the actual weight, (is it overloaded) if so the Driver/operator would have no way of knowing this without weighing
    the apparatus loaded and wet.

    In my experience any brake system under severe enough conditions
    can fade or possibly fail.

    The GVWR should be stamped on a metal plate in the cab

    Hope this might help


    stay low and alert bro

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