Chief Goldfeder,

No disrespect intended, but your remarks regarding the effectiveness of the accountability tag system in todays has my dept bewildered.

<Goldfeder QUOTE>
"Accountability. Now, when I say accountability I am not talking about some rarely effective luggage tags that we pretend to track firefighters with. I am talking about personal accountability at the level of every member of any fire department to focus on making sure we donít get hurt or killed."
<END Goldfeder QUOTE>

Can you explain why you believe the accountability tag system is a "pretend" safety system? What do you propose depts use instead? We, and I'm sure other depts use this system with good results. In absence of a suggested alternative, I believe these remarks can negatively affect FF safety if some decide not to deploy this system or others stop using it because of your public commentary. Please advise.


Scott Newman
Chief, IVFC