Family of 4 crossing Redwood Road is hit

Mother, 2-year-old in critical condition; driver 'fell asleep'
By Pat Reavy
Deseret Morning News

A driver who apparently fell asleep at the wheel ran over a family of four crossing Redwood Road on Monday afternoon, leaving two people in critical condition.

A baby stroller lies broken in the middle of Redwood Road. "Everything was flying," a witness of the accident said.

Scott G. Winterton, Deseret Morning News
A husband, wife and two small children, ages 1 and 2, were struck about 1:15 p.m. while in a crosswalk. The toddlers were in their strollers when they were hit.
"Everything was flying," one man who witnessed the accident told KSL Radio. "I just saw the (stroller) hit, and it looked awful."
All four were admitted to local hospitals. One of the children and one of the adults were taken to the hospital in critical condition with head injuries, said Salt Lake City fire spokesman Scott Freitag.
The driver, a man in his mid-20s, was traveling about 30 mph on 700 North when he ran a red light and struck the family at Redwood Road, said Salt Lake police detective Dwayne Baird.
"He said he fell asleep," Baird said.
The 1-year-old was strapped into a car seat, which was attached to the stroller. The car seat was launched into the air after the stroller was hit. But the car seat protected the infant, who was listed in stable condition Monday, Freitag said.
"The infant had his life saved because he was in the car seat," he said.
The 2-year-old's stroller went under the front bumper and was pushed the length of the intersection. Freitag said the child came within inches of being run over by the vehicle's front tire. That child was transported to Primary Children's Medical Center in critical condition.
Police did not release names of family members. Elsa Ibarra, a friend of the family, said in Spanish they are not originally from Utah and she's worried about them.
"They are alone here. I don't know if they have any other family here," she told KSL-TV.
The father was recently hit by another vehicle after its driver also ran a red light, Ibarra said. Police could not confirm that Monday night.

The father usually works day jobs but has been recovering from the last accident.
After the driver hit the family, he hit another motorist traveling through the intersection. The collision caused both vehicles to come to a stop. If not for hitting the second vehicle, Freitag said, the injuries to the pedestrians might have been much worse because they would have been completely run over.
The mother was transported to a local hospital with a possibly broken pelvis. The father also was admitted to the hospital for the night with bumps and bruises.
No charges had been filed against the driver as of Monday night. Baird said there were no signs of drug or alcohol use.
Baird said the driver was extremely upset over the incident.