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    Talking Its Time!!!

    Ladder 49 Trailer Hits TV Tonight, Theaters This Weekend

    'Signs' star JOAQUIN PHOENIX is teaming up with JOHN TRAVOLTA for 'Ladder 49,' a true-to-life drama about the brave Baltimore, MD, fire department. Tonight (Thursday, May 27) on Entertainment Tonight (check local listings), we have your exclusive first look at the fiery action!

    "The bottom line is [the real-life firefighters] have no choice," John told our own MARK STEINES on the set of the movie. "They couldn't live with themselves if they didn't go in [to battle a blaze], and that explains a lot about why they're so heroic. I feel honored to have learned what I've learned, but they really do it. We're just playing at it."

    In the film, Joaquin stars as Jack Morrison, a fireman who begins to reassess the physical toll and low pay his high-risk job requires due to his wife and kids. Despite the encouragement of his mentor and chief (Travolta), he can't shake the feeling that something's not right. When Jack's caught in the worst blaze of his career, it's up to his brave brothers in arms -- and his own resourcefulness -- to save his life before it's too late!

    In order to accurately portray these real-life heroes on-screen, the gear for the movie is completely authentic and the cast trained together as a unit at the Fire Academy.

    "[They taught us] the fundamentals of firefighting," explains Joaquin. "First you learn the signs of fire and fire behavior and how materials burn. And then you do rappelling and working with ladders, understanding the tools, and then how to find your way out of a building if you get lost, how to follow a hose out. ..."

    "They put you through a maze that is so claustrophobic you don't know where you are at any time," elaborates John, "and you're in full equipment -- mask, air gloves, helmet and everything, which is, what, 60 pounds we're talking here? Oh, easily. And you have to twist and turn to get through nooks and crannies like a rat would through a maze."

    Directed by JAY RUSSELL ('Tuck Everlasting') and also starring MORRIS CHESTNUT, ROBERT PATRICK and BALTHAZAR GETTY, 'Ladder 49' lights up theaters this fall. Note: The trailer will also start being shown nationwide this weekend with many showings of the movie Raising Helen.

    More:'s Ladder 49 Coverage

    getting close to showtime!
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    I hope this movie will be better than the others that hollywood nromally makes. All of them are so called pieces of cake and not really anything like the real fires that occur every day. I may go and see it or wait until it hits the tube.

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