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    Question Safety Glasses

    I am going to purchase safety glasses for extrication. I was told by a friend that the yellow shaded glasses are easier to see in at nite. Is there truth to that or not really? They have blue shaded too, but I was thinking clear would be the easiest to see in at night.



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    The yellow ones do help with depth perception at night and seem to make things brighter, but they take some getting used to and do throw off your ability to recognize colors (which of course can be impaired at night anyway and may not be an issue). I used to carry a pair in my truck when I was doing oil spill response at my last job, and that's the only place I've used them.
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    I have not used yellow/amber tinted safety glasses, however I have used the yellow/amber tinted ski goggles at night and have found better depth perception, and I was still able to see. An additional benefit is that during the all to uncommon sunny days here in WNY the amber/yellow tint may help. SafetyPro is right in that your ability to recognize colors will be reduced. I am not sure how often that will come into play on an extrication scene.
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    i use a clear lens on an oakley m frame best ones i have found and i have tried many
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    I use amber lenses when riding my motorcycle at night and I realy think they make seeing after dark much easier. Guess I never realy noticed the lack of color, but than again what does that realy matter. I just got amber ex. glasses and have not used them yet so can't give you any hard advice to this exact subject, but I would have to lean towards using amber.

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