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    Unhappy Staying motivated in today's fire department...

    Is there anyone else that has trouble getting "up" to come to work? To me, the fire service shouldn't be one of those jobs that is hard to get excited about. I'm just kind of curious if anyone else is having motivational/morale/WTF am I still doing here difficulties. I've gone to conferences, I go to classes outside work; it is hard to stay as excited as you were when you first got back when no one cares what you learned. Or places enough of a premium on training. I don't know, I'm just down about my current employ...
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    Default You've got to be kidding me...

    I'm glad I don't have that problem. This is the truth... Every morning when I wake up and I'm standing at the mirror shaving, I literally start cracking up To this day, I can't believe that I grew up to be what I wanted. My chief is aware of this and many days he asks me, "Hey Brian, how was the shave this mornin?" Then we just crack up. How many people get to grow up to be what they want???
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    I get that "tired of beating my head against the brick wall" feeling once in awhile too.

    Being a volunteer, it's easier for me to get a break, I just show up only for calls and leave as soon as we get back to the firehouse.

    Then I read a new article or training idea somewhere and I start beating my head again

    My advice: Take a break, go on a vacation, stay off this website for awhile. Don't let the burnout overtake you.

    Good luck brother.
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    Had that feeling earlier this week, but then we had a fire that we had a good save on. I went back by to see the lady who's house we put out and she hugged my neck three times before I left. She was so happy that most of her belongings were OK and that her house could be repaired. OK, this is why I do this!
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    I havent felt like that for a long time but I do feel like this more often:
    1) due to my year long out of house living conditions I get tired of NOT going on calls or making very few.
    2) the ol balancing act ........how to fit in calls, drills, and all the other admin stuff , while trying work, be with the kids etc etc ...
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    I think many of us go through some sort of period like you are. I have been through it. I will be relatively young (43) when I complete my 20 years of fulltime service. I was 15 when I started in the fire service and have spent almost my whole life around the fire department There gets to be some kind of "burnout" once in a while. I am exploring and planning for a life after a fire service career. BUT... When I get right down to it, I do feel pretty damn lucky to have a job that usually has alot more pros then cons.

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    So do you hate the job, or that no one else gives a rat's ***** about doing the job right?

    If your tired of the job, I can only offer you advice from personal experience: there's no substitute for a job that you look forward to going to every day. If firefighting isn't it, find out what is and give it a go. (I wouldn't suggest just quitting without some sort of plan, but I think you get the idea.)

    On the other hand, if you still like the job and just feel beaten by the slackers, you've found the right place to cry in your beer, so to speak. I'm sure there are lots of departments out there with some slackers that just don't get it (mine would be one of them!). Give yourself some time to let your batteries recharge and give it another go.

    I hope you can find happiness whatever your decision.

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    Feeling "burnt out"? I got involved in the volunteer fire service in 1974,and from time to time,yes,I feel burnt out.When I get those occasional feelings that I just can't stand it anymore,I simply turn my pager off-be it a few days,a few weeks-whatever.After that,I usually feel somewhat refreshed-ready to tackle whatever comes up.

    Totally had it ?Consider other opportunities with in your department,be they fire prevention, rehab,etc.Might not be as much action , but very important.Feel it's time to give up the fire department altogether?Maybe you disagree with policies,standards,feel that you are getting too old,are burnt out, or for what ever reason,no more fire service for you-there ARE other opportunities/groups that would LOVE your help!And,you can still be involved in some component of the "emergency services".

    Consider fire buff groups that provide rehab services,American Red Cross disaster team,Salvation Army disaster services,amateur radio emergency teams,Americorps Citizens' Emergency Response Team,Skywarn severe storm spotter groups,etc.Bad experiences don't need to end your involvement in emergency service.Is time a big problem for you?
    The National Weather Service's Skywarn storm spotter program requires a mere 3 hour basic training class every 2 + years and is a very interesting and exciting opportunity.You report severe weather info from where ever you are,as it happens.The Red Cross and other groups require more training, but are generally pretty flexible in accomodating their volunteers.You have experience and interest-don't give up on the people in your community who count on folks like you!If the fire service doesn't work for you anymore,consider one of these other groups-you-and your community-will be glad you did.

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    6 years on the job and still love going to work. Hope it never ends!

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    Lightbulb I feel u Bro!!

    I know where you are coming from man.It's seems I'm in the same situation,although mine came from a station change.These guys at the outline station have such low morale that its rubbing off on me.I am just a rookie too and it sucks.I've only been working full time a lil over a year when they switched me and I went from the main station,doing great, to outline and not able to satisfy anyone.Note,its supposed to be harder to make the grade at the main station.All I hear is whats wrong with the department and the chief sucks,blah blah blah,Sgeeeeez I wish they would shut up and put up.All that talk but not bothering to try and correct anything.I told them it's not doing them any good telling me about it and what they should do is try to better everything thats wrong.I guess some people just are not ballsy enough to stand up for whats right which is probably my problem cause I like to say my honest opinion to how I feel instead of saying whats gonna make another soul happy.Oh well it will get better.

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    All jobs get old after a while , but if you are working as a career FF doing shift work , go back to an 8 to 5 fourty hour work week. Do the same thing for 8 hours a day -- get up and drive the same route every morning and every night. Spend your weekends catching up around the house because working 8 hours --- driving 2 ect . burn up the day.
    Do that a while and you may realise you have/had one of the best jobs in the world.

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