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    Default looking for past issue of firehouse mag

    Hello My name is Adam Cerrato.I'm interested in finding a past issue of firehouse magazine, The December 1983 edition. My father Lt.Anthony Cerrato of the Yonkers Fire Department is on the cover. It has been 17 years since i lost dad, and i'm trying to get as much memorbila as possible.He was the best father, and a great firefighter, and he loved his job. Please somebody out there help me.Thank you in this matter.

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    I have a collection of past firehouse mags that i inhertitad from my father, will i am not ready to part with any of the collection i would be glad to get you a high quality copy or any other that you request, the only problem is the Dec 1983 cover is of Walter Coakley I will continue to check other issues please let me know if you think of a diffrent one it may be.


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