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    Just had to mention I responded to my first fire the other night. It was a structure fire too. Fortunately nobody lived in the side of the duplex it was on, and it was contained to the kitchen. I wrote down my experiences and feelings afterwards when I got home. This brings me to a question for everyone here. What do you remember about your first fire?

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    Mine were just a month ago so I remember them well. the first was a small barn fire. since I was in my 3rd week on the department (volunteer) my job was to observe and do any other things that were asked of me (getting tools, rolling hose, new guy stuff). I was excited but not too excited. once the fire was out and we were looking for hot spots the cheif called me over and gave me the hose and I doused any spots that were still smoldering. My second was the next weekend. it was an actual house fire. it started in the basement and traveled through the walls to the attic/roof. I ran to the squad after tools so many times I had to take a knee to catch my breath. after the fire was under control once again the cheif took me in with him and had me tear out the ceilings and some walls with the pike pole. this one really showed me how out of shape I am and what I need to work on physically. its also the one that got me hooked and now I look forward to any training that we do and anything that I can do fire department related. I will be going to school this fall to pursue my fire science degree and eventually do this for a living, god willing

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    Mine was a auto fire. Fire under the hood. Disconnected the battry cables and the others guys hosed down the engine compartment. Repacked the 1-1/2 hose and returned to service. Sleep the rest of the night, got up had coffee and was releived by the next shift.

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    My first was a long time ago, but you never forget your first...

    Came in as structure fire at 0520. Got on scene and had smoke showing, but no flame. As we got on scene we see our canary (police officer) exiting the house. He told us the fire was in the upstairs bathroom. We stretched a 1 3/4" line and made entry (w/ me on the nozzle). I was so excited until we got to the bathroom to find the fire pretty much self extinguished. The fire started from a cigarette that fell in the trash can next to the sink. It burned up the trash can and the wooden vanity and then ran out of fuel. I opened the bale for like a 1/2 second to finish off the remaining embers. I got teased by the senior firefighters for a while after as this wasn't "a real fire". The real fire came about a month later, but that is another story.

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