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    Default Can you please help out a Cali. brother?

    I just got this from one of my contects. He is actually a FEDERAL employee, not a Califorina based agency. -Thanks, Bou

    Matt Taylor is one of our senior fire fighters on the Prineville Hotshots. About six weeks ago Matt underwent exploratory brain surgery and was found to have an aggressive cancerous tumor. His physician gave a prognosis of six months to one year to live. At present Matt is undergoing chemo therapy and doing what he can to fight the cancer. His chemotherapy costs $2200.00 a month. His insurance company is only willing to cover half of that expense. In addition he has incurred further medical expenses that his GS-5 salary does not come close to covering.

    We are instituting a donation account with Bank of America to help allay the cost of his chemotherapy and the rest of his medical expenses. This account may also double as an education account for his daughter Jordan, who last month turned one year old, should Matt not be able to provide for that. The account number with B of A is 2884010802, and if you are in another state you can go to your local B of A and use the following account number: OR2-134-01-01 to make your deposit. Matt has been married for less than two years and has one child, Jordan, one year old. Any amount not matter how small will be very helpful and appreciated very much

    Most Gratefully,

    Lance Honda
    Superintendent Prineville Hotshots

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    Default Speedy Recovery...

    Although, I cannot put any money in, I would like to keep him in my prayers, and hope for a speedy recovery for him. Hope that he will be able to become normal again. It makes me feel sad when I hear of firefighters having to go through things like that.
    Firefighters are beneficial to every community with the wealth of information they have!

    They don't get enough praise, for the information and skills they know! It could save your life one day!!!!!

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