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County Receives Terror Funds

From The News & Record

RICHMOND — Governor Mark R. Warner today announced that Halifax County is one of 36 Virginia localities which will receive more than $9 million for local law enforcement terrorism prevention initiatives. Of that amount, Halifax County will receive $133,611.78 These funds are part of more than $49 million in federal “first responder” funds secured this year by the Commonwealth from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Lynchburg, which will get $178,917.11, was the only other community listed in this area to receive the federal funds.
According to Allen Bober, head of local emergency services, the money will be administered through the Halifax County Sheriff’s Department. “Right now we are not sure exactly what the money will be used for,” Bober said yesterday, noting that he along with local law enforcement officers from the county and town and the Rescue Squad had spent nearly two years working on a survey to submit to the Department of Criminal Justice Services, outlining what they felt are needs for emergency services in case of disaster as well as what, if any, sites or local facilities might be a target for terrorist threats.
Bober said one of the top priorities listed in that survey was a decontamination trailer which would allow for persons who had been subjected to hazardous materials to receive treatment on site prior to being transferred to the local hospital. That trailer, he said, would cost some $55,106. Another item the group considered was the purchase of a Kawasaki “Mule,” a four wheel vehicle that could be used to go into rough terrains to get victims that might otherwise not be reached by emergency vehicles.
Bober, like Halifax County Sheriff Jeff Oakes, said he is simply is not sure just how the money can be spent.
Oakes said his office has made requests for the guidelines and criteria for using the money, but as yesterday those requests have not been answered.
According to the Governor’s announcement of the grants, the Department of Criminal Justice Services will administer this new Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Grant to help local law enforcement better secure their communities through training, equipment, exercises, and planning.
“Increasing resources and support for Virginia’s first responder law enforcement professionals is fundamental to our mission of further enhancing our focus on prevention as part of our broader preparedness efforts,” said Governor Warner. “These funds will continue to strengthen the shared commitment of localities and their law enforcement agencies to keep our citizens safe and secure.”
Grants will be made available to 36 localities for Information Sharing, Target Hardening, Threat Recognition, Intervention Activities and Interoperable Communications.
Since 2003, Virginia has been awarded $96 million from the newly created Department of Homeland Security to reimburse the costs of bolstering prevention, response and recovery capabilities for potential acts of terrorism and other disasters.