I am a UK firefighter and I have just secured funding to conduct an international study on attacks on firefighters during the course of their duty. It is funding that I had to fight hard to get. This is a rapidly increasing problem for our brothers and sisters in the UK. I, myself, have endured being stoned, spat at, and had LPG cylinders left in car fire's as a bomb for my crew and I. Recentley in Scotland a firefighter was shot in the head with an air gun en route to a fire, and in Ireland a firefighter was stabbed at a car fire. So as you see, the fire is not our only enemy anymore.

I have already travelled to Israel for the first leg of my research. Later in the year I will be spending 2 weeks in South Afica, then 6 weeks in North America. Provisionally I am hoping to travel to Chicago, San Fransisco/LA and New York.

Can anyone highlight any areas where attacks are prevailant or has anyone experienced attacks on duty?

What I really need some help with is contacts for the Chicago, San Frncisco/LA areas. I'm struggling to find contacts in these areas.

Please feel free to contact me on sabrina@risca999.fsnet.co.uk

Kind Regards and Many Thanks
FF Sabrina Cohen