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    Default firefighter 2

    I was just wondering how many people have taken their
    NFPA firefighter 2? And is the written much different than the firefighter 1?

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    I have my FF1 and FF2 (Also Hazmat Op's/AW). When I went through the academy I was told that the FF2 would be the hardest test that we took.

    While it was not the hardest test i took, it was by know means easy, took time and study to get ready. I could be just saying this but this is what i heard.

    FF1 is the basics, you have basic knowledge. FF2 is more advanced, you are more skilled in firefighting techniques. For all the Certs i have we had to pass practicals as well, stuff that we did through our 6 month academy(Also a EMT-IA academy). The only diffuclt part of that for me was that unlike what you were doing in your academy, teamwork, you were on your own. Also several deputy chiefs and captains from around the state had to pass you off. These guys have no interaction with you until this point in the class, so that was a little bit unnerving if anyting.

    Hopefulley you can get Capt. Bob to chime in , knows what he is talking about a little more than me i am sure...

    Anyway, later.....

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    Default FF2

    You will probably get more feed back if you ask this question in the Hiring and Employment discussion. I'm not current on this one.

    Captain Bob

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    I took my firefighter 2 test about a year ago. I have IFSAC seals in all 4 cats(FF1, FF2, Hazmat OP/AW) and made an 88 on the test. From what I recall, it wasnt too hard but to me, the whole academy wasnt hard except for the PT we had. Basically, you need to read the book and know it. But, of our class of 22, every one of them passed the state test, so its very easy to do. Just make sure you spend time and prepare

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    I have taken my FF2 test twice. Once for the knowledge and the second time because I was required to do so for recruit school. I also have my IFSAC Driver/Operator and that was tough. The test is harder but it is due to the questions coming from a more advanced area of the Essentials book than what you are currently used to. Pay attention to the study guide and it will give you a great deal of information to prepare by. The study guide CD-ROM is also a great tool to use. Good Luck

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