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    Default Station Management Software

    I'm part of our operations committee which has been tasked with looking at options to upgrade, replace, re-design, etc. our station management software, preplans, etc. We are currently using Firehouse 5. It has been ok but we have had quite a few problems and issues with it. I believe some of these are due to the program never really being set up fully with our information in the tables instead of the programs default. Any way I would just like some quick feedback from you guys. What programs do you use, and how do you like them?

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    Don't let a poor set-up steer you away from Firehouse Software. My department purchased it earlier this year & we've been trained how to use it. Now, we're just waiting for the go ahead to start using it. From everything I've done with the software, I don't know how anyone else could beat it. Firehouse lets you record & log anything and everything related to fire department operations. In a way, that could be it's one negative -- it'll do nearly anything for you and that can be overwelming for some.

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    We've had Firehouse for quite a few years, and the biggest problem we have is the customer service rep in our area is horrible. He never returns calls, doesn't give us the correct info, and is just a pain in the butt. We pay the yearly service contract, and it is basically a waste.

    We just got done networking our 3 different computers (2 in one building and 1 in another location), and just found out that in order to do that, we need to upgrade our software and it will cost us $6000+ to do it.

    The software is good, just some people say it "sucks" because they don't know how to use it and are not proficient at it......

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    In the early days of seeing a computer (Commodore 64) in a Fire Station, The question of "What will it do for us?" was asked, a lot. A bright young man started writing custom software and it worked. Fire Service Manager is the title, Created by Rescue Management Systems of Glenn Dale Md. That was in 1985, and that software still works. Biggest problem that I have found with some software is that it was written by someone who did not know the difference between a rope and a hose. Writing software isn't much different than writing a book IN ONE REGARD. The author MUST have a thorough understanding of the subject.
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