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    Talking u guys rock

    im new to this site, i actually heard about it in our local paper imfrom canada... i just wanted to mention that you guys rock!!! my local dept. has come to my rescue a couple of times on of them was a heart attack and i was so greatful to them that i wasnt sure what u guys ate.. cops = donuts fireman =? well, now i know see food... u eat it!!! so i dropped off an assortment basket to my local hall im not sure if that crew (who was at my place) got it though.. you guys work really hard at what you do and certainly get an amazing rush when u get that call "structure fire" respond code 3.. only to get there and its only a pot on the stove or burning toast i know most of this because i have been dating a f.f. and he actuallt tells me what its like to get that call.. hes a driver and has been with the dept. 19 years he loves his job!!! i have told him about this site... i cried when i heard about 9/11 and my heart went out to all fdny families and "brothers"...

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    Welcome Kitten. Yes we all rock. It is in our blood.

    Enjoy yourself in the forums.

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    Default I'm with Kitten!

    I'm with Kitten! You guys do rock! My husband, son, and I visit New York City a lot, and we stop at the firehouses to chat and buy patches, and I have never met a friendlier, more gracious group of people. My admiration for all of you is boundless!

    Have a safe tour!


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    We all "ROCK" Ms Kitten.

    This is what we were put on the good old earth to do. Rock the Kittens.

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